What is fluorescent Oxford cloth?


Glowing Oxford cloth-fluorescent Oxford cloth With the […]

Glowing Oxford cloth-fluorescent Oxford cloth

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more researches on fluorescence have been made, and the application range of fluorescent substances has become wider and wider. According to the material and application, there are three types of fluorescent materials on the market: fluorescent cloth, fluorescent PVC material and fluorescent powder. Fluorescent cloth is a fluorescent agent added in the printing and dyeing process, such as fluorescent knitted fabric, fluorescent mesh, fluorescent Oxford cloth, fluorescent polar flannel, fluorescent lycra cloth, mainly used in road traffic safety related products (clothing, luggage, handbags, outdoor Supplies);

Fluorescent Oxford cloth is an extension and development of chemical fiber fabrics, and it is also a new flower in Oxford cloth. The fabric is made of polyester DTY128D*128D as raw material, a plain weave is woven on a water jet loom, and it is processed through main processes such as shaping, special dyeing, coating with PU, PVC, and water repellent treatment. After adding the fluorescent function, it can be used in a wider range, not only for making bags of different styles, but also for making clothing for road work.