Which is better, canvas, nylon or oxford?


Oxford cloth is a traditional combed cotton fabric, the […]

Oxford cloth is a traditional combed cotton fabric, the first of which is polyester or nylon. Oxford cloth is more useful, such as manufacturing luggage, flood control and rainproof products.
Nylon, the primary material of which is polyamide fiber, and the primary user is woven fabric, is an artificially high molecular material. The material of nylon cloth is nylon.
Canvas, a relatively rough fabric, the raw material is cotton or hemp. At the beginning, the purpose of canvas was to make sails, and canvas was also named after it.
The commonality of the three is their usefulness, and they can all be used to make bags. The difference is that the price of nylon is much more expensive than Oxford cloth, and nylon and Oxford cloth can be used for the manufacture of waterproof products, which is more economical. The point of canvas is that it has good air permeability, but canvas is easy to be dirty, and its wear resistance is not good, and it is easy to damage.
Which computer bag canvas, oxford cloth or nylon is better
The Oxford cloth is good and will not rub against the computer case.
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Nylon: feels smooth, feels rough cloth polyester: feels smooth without nylon, feels good without nylon. Pure cotton: dim color, pure natural product, not easy to clean Oxford cloth: the same nature as the polyester above. Nylon: Same as nylon above. I feel like I have written it for you
Oxford cloth and canvas nylon cloth
Oxford cloth, because the tendon is more difficult to break.