What is the difference between twill oxford and plain oxford?


Compare with 600D Oxford cloth as follows: The differen […]

Compare with 600D Oxford cloth as follows:

The difference between 600D Oxford cloth twill and plain weave

Oxford cloth has both plain and twill. Today's global textile net editors mainly differ from 600D Oxford cloth twill and plain weave in terms of weave and use.

In the weaving process, at least three warp yarns and three weft yarns are interlaced with each other. Each warp yarn and weft yarn can only have one weft arrangement point, and there are successive arrangement points on the fabric surface to form a diagonal texture. The yarn can be arranged densely, so the twill oxford fabric is relatively fine and solid.

Plain weave is the simplest arrangement. It is formed by interlacing warp and weft yarns one after another. The plain weave arrangement has better strength and a strong hand. It is characterized by many interlaced points, and the texture is firm, straight and flat. The density of plain weave Oxford cloth cannot be too high, it is relatively light and thin, and it has good abrasion resistance and breathability.

Plain embroidered fabrics are used for high-grade embroidery fabrics, while twill oxford fabrics are mostly used for printing. The twill Oxford cloth has a significant diagonal texture, soft texture, good elasticity and good gloss; the plain twill Oxford cloth has a flat and stiff surface with less elasticity and average gloss.