What is the difference between Oxford nylon fabric and fabric?


The warp threads of Oxford fabrics and fabrics are wove […]

The warp threads of Oxford fabrics and fabrics are woven from two strands, and the weft thread is also a relatively thick thread. The textile method is a general one, it is a very general textile method. Generally 210D, 420D materials. There is no coating. Used as a lining or compartment for bags.
DuPont nylon fabric and fabric (KODRA)
KODRA is a fabric and fabric produced in South Korea. To a certain extent, it can replace CORDURA. It is said that the inventor of this fabric originally wanted to study how CORDURA was spun, but in the end did not research, but invented new fabrics and fabrics, this is KODRA. This fabric is generally woven with Nylon, which also uses fiber degree as the strength specification, such as 600D and 1000D. Not as coated, but as CORDURA.
High-density nylon fabric and fabric (HD)
HD is short for High Density, which means high density. Look at the fabric is similar to OXFORD. Generally 210D, 420D, usually used as a lining or compartment of the bag. There is no coating.
Laminated nylon fabric and fabric (R/S)
R/S is short for Ripstop. The cloth and fabric are nylon with small squares. Its toughness is stronger than ordinary nylon, and the outer periphery of the square on the fabric is a thicker thread. The center of the grid is woven with very thin threads. Generally, there are 300D, 330D, 450D, etc., which can be used as the main material of the backpack, such as the large surface and the outer pocket. There is no coating.
Tiglon nylon fabric and fabric (Dobby)
Dobby's fabric is composed of many very fine lattices, but if you look closely, you will find that it is made of one thick and one thin thread, and the front is different from the discordant pattern. There are generally few coatings. The strength is much worse than CORDURA, generally only used in leisure bags or short-distance travel bags. No need to be on the climbing bag.
Super strong nylon fabric and fabric (VELOCITY)
VELOCITY is also a nylon fabric and fabric. The intensity is very high. It is also used for climbing bags. Not compatible with coated fabrics and fabrics. There are 420D or higher intensity. The fabric and the fabric look like Dobby on the front.
Waterproof nylon fabric and fabric (TAFFETA)
TAFFETA is a very thin coated fabric and fabric, some coating more than once, so the waterproof function is better. Generally not the main fabric and fabric of the backpack, only raincoats, perhaps the rain cover of the backpack.
Polyethylene rubberized fabric and cloth (PolyPU)
Poly is generally used instead. Poly density is generally 64t (low), 74t (medium), 82t (high). The strength of the fabric is increasing from 150D to 1800D. Generally, the high strength of 600D can be used as the bottom of the mountain climbing bag, but its textile method is not as strong as CORDURA.
Space Network (AIRMESH)
Generally Chinese calls it the space network, which is different from the general network. There is a gap between the mesh surface and the material below, generally 3mm or larger. It is this kind of open space that makes it have outstanding ventilation function, so it is generally used as a strap or a back or other place close to the body.
There are many specifications for general nets. Nylon nets are used for bags. They are usually placed on both sides of the bag as a sundries pocket or water pocket.