What is the difference between Oxford cloth and non-woven fabric?


One. The characteristics of Oxford cloth and non-woven […]

One. The characteristics of Oxford cloth and non-woven fabric are different

1.Oxford fabric is a kind of fabric that is woven through warp and weft. When this fabric is woven, one of the warp and weft yarns is polyester polyester sand and the other is pure cotton yarn. Processed and woven.

2.Non-woven fabrics, from its title, it can be seen that this fabric is not woven, but a modern skill, that is, the orientation of woven short fibers or filaments. Or it can be randomly spread out, placed, and then form a web structure, and then choose to use modern mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods to carefully strengthen the fabric and then fabricate the fabric.

Two. The advantages of Oxford cloth and non-woven fabric are different

1. Oxford cloth has excellent breathability, and its color is very soft. The cloth itself is also very soft and comfortable to wear.

2. The manufacturing process of non-woven fabric is fast, and the process is short. The output of the produced product is high, the cost is low, and the use is very wide. In addition, this kind of fabric has a lot of materials. However, this kind of cloth is not suitable for making clothes.

Three. The use of Oxford cloth and non-woven cloth

1. Due to its outstanding characteristics, the Oxford cloth is soft and suitable for the body, so it is usually used to make clothing, such as shirts, sportswear and pajamas.

2. Non-woven fabrics are very widely used. They can be used in medical and health aspects, for manufacturing surgical gowns, disinfecting masks, rags, sanitary napkins and beauty supplies; they can be used in home decoration and manufacturing wall cloths. , Bed cloth, etc .; can be used in industry, used to manufacture insulation materials, etc., used in industry, manufacturing insulation curtains, etc.

3. In fact, regarding the two kinds of fabrics, Oxford cloth and non-woven fabric, which one is better is actually the same between them. In fact, they have different uses, so they cannot be compared. But in terms of making clothes, of course, Oxford cloth is much better. Most of the clothes worn by users are Oxford cloth.