What is the composition of polyester Oxford fabric? What are the specifications?


Oxford cloth is mainly divided into two categories: pol […]

Oxford cloth is mainly divided into two categories: polyester and nylon (nylon). Today, we share with you polyester oxford cloth. The color point of polyester oxford fabric has a clear effect, the fabric is light, waterproof, good resistance to twists and turns, anti-static, anti-pull, and also resistant to fire and other functions.
Polyester composition is divided into filament and stretch yarn. Elastic yarn is divided into high, medium and low elastic yarn, polyester low elastic yarn fiber is crimped, polyester high elastic yarn fiber is straight.
Features of polyester filament
Strength: The strength of polyester fiber is nearly 1 times higher than that of cotton and 3 times higher than that of wool, so polyester fabric is strong and durable.
Heat resistance: It can be used at -70 ℃ ~ 170 ℃, is the best heat resistance and thermal stability of synthetic fibers.
Elasticity: Polyester's elasticity is close to wool, wrinkle resistance is better than other fibers, the fabric is not wrinkled, and the shape retention is good.
Abrasion resistance: The abrasion resistance of polyester is second only to nylon, ranking second among synthetic fibers.
Water absorption: polyester has low water absorption and moisture regain, good insulation performance, but due to low water absorption, static electricity generated by friction and poor natural adsorption of dyes, polyester dyeing generally uses high temperature and high pressure dyeing.
The elastic yarn can be divided into high, medium and low elastic yarn. The high elastic elongation is high elastic yarn, and vice versa is low elastic yarn. The high elastic yarn on the material is generally nylon polypropylene and the like, and the low elastic yarn is generally polyester nylon Like, the specific difference between high-elasticity yarn and low-elasticity yarn is that high-elasticity yarn is larger than low-elasticity yarn. The fluffy bending state of the yarn is larger than that of low-elasticity yarn. Can clearly feel the elasticity.
People often do n’t know what the specifications of Oxford cloth mean. Usually we are accustomed to use “D” as the representative, such as 1800D, 1680D, 1200D, 900D, 600D, 420D, 300D, 210D, 150D Oxford cloth. The larger the number, the thicker, wearable and durable this Oxford fabric is.
When the Oxford cloth is a white embryo, it does not have any characteristics and uses, but a powerful post-finishing process, which makes the Oxford cloth transform. What is waterproof, fireproof, antistatic, sunscreen, ultraviolet, mold, high temperature, and corrosion resistant? Wait, this is not a simple talk, it must be subject to professional testing.
Application of Oxford cloth
Outdoor series: beach chairs, tents, carports, rain awnings, mobile tents, camping, pergola, etc.
Luggage series: trolley case, backpack, computer bag, business bag, backpack, tool bag, cosmetic bag, handbag, etc.
Stroller series: baby stroller, harness, waist stool, baby seat, etc.
Home furnishing series: wardrobe, storage box, suit bag, apron, etc.), shoe material fabric, rehabilitation equipment fabric, etc.
Special fabrics such as fire-retardant and flame-retardant Oxford cloth are also used in passenger car sunshades, motor vehicle seats, covers, ships, aviation and other fields.