What is the cloth of PVC Oxford cloth 600D coated fabric?


PVC oxford is a component composed of polyvinyl chlorid […]

PVC oxford is a component composed of polyvinyl chloride, which can increase the strength and heat resistance, and has the effect of elasticity and ductility, is not easily corroded by acid and alkali; and is more resistant to heat.
PVC coated waterproof Oxford cloth is coated with special technology, with good resistance to bending, softness and tensile strength; waterproof, flame retardant, mildewproof, coldproof, anticorrosive; anti-aging; anti-ultraviolet; easy to clean; high temperature resistant (180 degrees), good thermal insulation properties, thickness can be coated according to its use. There is also a PVC calendering, which is the base coating first primer, PVC paste is first made into PVC paste according to the formula, through special The machine is pressed into a certain thickness of PVC film, and then pressed on the base fabric by high temperature, dried and solidified, and then cut and rolled, this kind of hand feels harder.
600D Oxford fabric PVC coated cloth has high strength, pressure resistance, more chemical characteristics, stains, wipes, can maintain long-term cleanliness; weathering resistance, prolonged service life; excellent tensile and tear resistance , anti-stripping characteristics; also has chemical corrosion resistance, UV resistance, oxidation resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics.