What does polyester oxford mean? Is it waterproof?


Polyester oxford cloth is a waterproof cloth added to t […]

Polyester oxford cloth is a waterproof cloth added to the finishing of the oxford cloth to achieve the waterproof effect. It is precisely because of the waterproof effect of Oxford cloth that it is also used in outdoor sports fabrics (shoulder bags, clothing bags or trolley suitcases, simple tents, etc., professional tent fabrics in extreme environments such as high mountains, plateaus and snowy mountains) .

Polyester Oxford cloth is woven with polyester raw materials, which can be processed through multiple processes such as pre-shrinking, shaping, dyeing, PVC coating, and water repellent treatment. With its soft and smooth feel, bright color, good water resistance, durable, not easy to wrinkle and other unique advantages to win the love of consumers. Polyester Oxford cloth is waterproof, breathable, moisture-permeable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, easy to take care of, and its color is also rich. It is widely used in the production of tents, sports and leisure products, outdoor products and other needs for waterproofing.

The coated cloth is waterproof and breathable, with a full-feeling feel, and a bright, film-like surface. It has extremely good abrasion resistance, excellent breathability, aging resistance, soft and comfortable, strong flexibility and environmental protection requirements. The main advantages are: the coating is soft and elastic; the coating has good strength and can be used for very thin coatings; the coating is porous and has moisture permeability and air permeability; wear resistance, moisture resistance, dry cleaning resistance, most of PU coated cloth For luggage.