What do backpack fabrics mean?


The description of the fabric in the general backpack m […]

The description of the fabric in the general backpack manual is not very detailed, but only CORDURA or HD. What it says is just a method of weaving. If more detailed description should be material + fiber + textile method. For example: N. 1000D CORDURA, that is to say 1000D nylon CORDURA material.
Many people think that the "D" in backpack material stands for density (density), or weight. This is all wrong. D is the abbreviation of denier. Denier is a unit of measurement for fibers. The calculation method is: 1 gram per 9,000 meters of wire weight is called Denier. So, the smaller the number in front of D, the thinner the line and the smaller the density. For example, the material of 210D has a particularly fine grain, and is generally used as a lining or a compartment of a bag. The 900D or 1000D materials have thick lines and thick lines, which are very wear-resistant, and are generally used as bottom covers.
Let's talk about materials first. Generally, the raw materials of the fabric used on the bag are Nylon and Poly. Occasionally, the two materials are mixed together. Nylon is nylon and Poly is polyethylene. Both of these materials are extracted from petroleum. Nylon is better in quality than Poly, and of course it is more expensive. From the fabric, Nylon feels softer.