What are the different uses of various Oxford cloths?


Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various funct […]

Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and wide range of uses. Nowadays, there are mainly varieties on the market: sleeves, all-elastic fabrics, nylon, and grids.
Set of Oxford cloth: specially used to manufacture all kinds of bags
The warp and weft of this fabric are made of polyester FDY150D/36F. The fabric is interlaced with plain weave arranged on a water jet loom with a warp and weft density of 360X210. After being slack, alkali, dyeing, anti-static, coating and other treatments, the gray fabric has a light texture, soft feel, good waterproofness and good durability And other advantages.

Full-bottle Oxford cloth: the primary manufacturing bag
The warp and weft yarns of this fabric are made of polyester DTY300D yarn, and the thick spots are changed to change the air arrangement in the water jet faucet loom. After the fabric is loosely refined, pre-set, alkali-reduced and soft-set, the fabric is not compatible with the rubber-polyester layer. Its fine texture, soft luster and good water resistance, the bags made with this product are fashionable and trendy pets that women look for. Its fabric width is 150cm
Teague Oxford cloth: firstly manufacture all kinds of bags
The warp yarn of the fabric is polyester DTY400D network yarn, and the weft yarn is polyester DTY yarn 400D. Use the grid to arrange the lines, which are staggered on the water jet (with faucet) loom. The fabric has novel planning and common process, the front is protruding, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. It has become the most outstanding part of the fabric. Together, the coating (PU) process is still used, which makes it more waterproof and better in drape. Fashionable materials for all kinds of bags. The width of the fabric is 160cm. The colors listed mainly include black, navy blue and coffee series.

Weft oxford cloth: manufacturing all kinds of bags
The warp of the fabric is polyester FDY68D/24F, the weft is FDY150D/36F as the material, and the weaving process is made of weft wefts interlaced in water-jet weaving (with multi-arm faucet). The note on the cloth is clear and integrates modernity, artistry and drape. The grey fabric is dyed, embossed or pressure-delayed, and has the advantages of strong drape and good water resistance. The width of the fabric is 160cm.

Nylon Oxford cloth: the first manufacture of flood control and rainproof products
The warp is made of 200D nylon yarn, and the weft is made of 160D nylon yarn. It is a plain weave arrangement structure, the product is woven by water spray. After being dyed, finished and coated, the grey fabric has the advantages of soft hand feeling, strong drape, novel style, waterproof function, etc. The cloth mask has the gloss effect of nylon silk. Because of its excellent quality and novel colors, it is very popular among users. Its cloth width is 150cm.