What are the differences between nylon cloth, oxford cloth and canvas bags?


1. Nylon is a term for polyamide fiber (nylon), which c […]

1. Nylon is a term for polyamide fiber (nylon), which can be made into long fiber or short fiber. Nylon is the trade name of polyamide fiber dao, also known as Nylon. The English name Polyamide (PA for short), its basic constituent material is an aliphatic polyamide connected by an amide bond -[NHCO]-.

Nylon is more expensive than polyester, and these two are better in terms of water resistance and durability. The breathability of canvas is its advantage, but it is easy to get dirty and break.

2. Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and wide applications. The main products on the market include: checkered, full stretch, nylon, and tige. Polyester Oxford cloth is mostly used to make bags (school bags, shoulder bags, etc.), and nylon Oxford cloth is mainly used for flood and rain prevention products.

3. Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. Generally, plain weave is mostly used, and a small amount is twill weave. The warp and weft yarns use multiple strands. Canvas are usually divided into two categories: coarse canvas and fine canvas.


Coarse canvas, also known as canopy cloth, has good waterproof performance. The biggest feature is its durability. It is used for automobile transportation and open-air warehouse cover and tents in the field.

Fine canvas is used to make labor protection clothing and its supplies. After dyeing or printing, it can also be used as shoe materials, luggage fabrics, handbags, backpacks, tablecloths, tablecloths, etc. Compared with Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth is more durable and harder than canvas.