What are the characteristics and uses of 600D Oxford cloth?


Oxford cloth is very versatile. After the post-processi […]

Oxford cloth is very versatile. After the post-processing process, it can be used in bags, tents, strollers, recliners, etc., as well as the tarpaulin on the trailer as we are familiar with, and the covering cover of some open storage and warehouse storage ; The construction of various temporary work sheds on the construction site and the use of tarpaulins for the outer sheaths of various machinery and equipment. Where can 600D Oxford cloth be used?
600D Oxford cloth: woven on plain waterjet loom 600D*600D, density and weight can be customized according to customer needs, the door width is about 150cm. After dyeing, coating, calendering, foaming, compounding and other processes, it has the characteristics of thickness, good elasticity, strong firmness, soft gloss, good waterproofness and good durability. The product is waterproof, PU, PV or excellent plastic coating, it is tarpaulin, shade cloth, door curtain, trolley box, stroller fabric, etc., which is favored by customers.