The difference between PVC rolling and PVC coating in Oxford cloth


The difference between PVC fabric rolling and PVC coati […]

The difference between PVC fabric rolling and PVC coating in Oxford cloth, rolling oxford cloth, is to press a layer of plastic glue on the reverse side of the fabric, so that the thickness is increased and the tightness of the fabric is greatly improved. It is suitable for some bags and Tent and the like.

Coated oxford cloth is mainly coated with a special function on the basis of the fabric, which adds special functions to the fabric. So it is also called functional coated fabric. Common oxford coatings are mainly divided into two major categories, PU and PVC.

The difference between PVC calendering and PVC coating
PVC calendering is the first coating of the base fabric. The PVC paste is first made into a PVC paste according to the formula. Then it is pressed into a certain thickness of PVC film by a special machine, and then pressed on the base fabric by high temperature, dried and solidified, and then cut. Rolling.

The PVC coating is specially coated with a dry coating of PVC glue directly on the base fabric, and then dried and solidified.