PTFE laminated composite fabric


New PTFE laminated composite fabric are widely used Nuc […]

New PTFE laminated composite fabric are widely used
Nuclear biochemical protection material
Protective materials that protect against toxic chemicals usually consist of multiple layers of fabrics, including "gas resistance layer" fabrics that absorb, absorb, detoxify or react with poisonous gas, and "liquid resistance layer" fabrics that prevent harmful liquids from contacting the human body. Yes, the latter has two types of breathable and non-breathable depending on the fabric used. When using stain-repellent finishing fabrics, although the fabric is breathable, aerosols and particles will pass through the fabric, and a small pressure will pass through the body, so the protection effect is poor; the use of not only aerosols and particles will pass through the fabric, but also very small There will be liquid passing through the pressure, so the protective effect is poor; when using a non-breathable coated fabric, the user will feel uncomfortable because the water vapor cannot be discharged. PTFE composite membrane has the characteristics of selective permeation of water vapor, and can be used as a nuclear biochemical protection material. This kind of protective clothing can have multiple functions such as waterproof, moisture permeability, windproof, anti-nuclear biochemical.
Warm breathable underwear
Traditional thermal underwear is made of polyethylene or polypropylene film and batt felt. Such films are completely airtight, and body sweat cannot be discharged. Knitted fabrics of PTFE film and laminated fabrics of non-woven fabrics can be used for thermal underwear. The underwear has the advantages of moisture permeability, windproof, thermal insulation and so on.
All-weather sportswear
PTFE composite fabric has the functions of waterproof, moisture permeability, windproof, etc., which greatly improves the wearing comfort and functionality of sportswear.
Special clothing
Is used for medical workers' work clothes, which can effectively prevent the contamination of body fluids. It can be combined with fabric with flame retardant function to make flame retardant clothing.
Materials for shoes
Glue the fabric or other porous outer layer material with the PTFE film, and maintain its microporous structure to obtain a waterproof and breathable upper. The standard test found that the moisture permeability of the upper is eight to ten times that of the conventional coated waterproof upper. This shoe upper can also be used with different fabrics, structures, colors, etc. as needed. It can give shoes the following functions: water resistance, moisture permeability, wind resistance, particle barrier, antibacterial properties, etc. In addition, the lining composed of PTFE membrane can also be joined with leather to make various waterproof leather shoes (boots) with beautiful appearance. Therefore, PTFE composite fabrics can be widely used in military shoes, civilian shoes, fashion shoes (boots) and many other aspects.
Basic knowledge of TPU composite fabric and PTFE composite fabric:
Composite fabric English is: "LaminationFabric" "SoftShellFabric", TPU composite fabric and PTFE composite fabric is a new type of material formed by bonding and laminating one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials. TPU composite fabrics and PTFE composite fabrics are divided into ordinary composite fabrics (the fabric and the lining are bonded by a binder, thereby improving the texture of the fabric, suitable for the simplification of garment processing and large-scale production) and functional composite fabrics (after composite The fabric has special functions such as waterproof and moisture permeability, anti-radiation, anti-washing, anti-wear and so on).
Three-layer TPU composite fabric
Six popular composite fabric processes in the world, namely hot-melt powder dot-coated composite fabric process, hot-melt slurry-point composite fabric process, hot-sol dust-spraying composite fabric process, hot-sol double-point composite fabric process, polyurethane spray compound Fabric technology, polyurethane roller-coated composite fabric technology composite fabric, is a relatively new type of TPU composite fabric and PTFE composite fabric developed by the market, in short, the two fabrics are combined together. In the past, our more common compound was the compound of suede fabric and wool, but now it can be compounded with any fabric. Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd. believes that composite fabrics will shine in the future fabric market and apparel market.
Composite fabric is also called waterproof and breathable fabric. It is a new type of textile fabric. Its composition is made of polymer waterproof and breathable material (PTFE membrane or tpu membrane) plus fabric composite fabric. The main functions of waterproof and breathable fabrics are: waterproof, breathable, breathable, insulated, windproof, and warm. In terms of production process, the technical requirements of waterproof and breathable fabrics are much higher than that of ordinary waterproof fabrics; at the same time, from the perspective of quality, waterproof and breathable fabrics also have functional characteristics that other waterproof fabrics do not have. The waterproof and breathable fabric enhances the air-tightness and water-tightness of the fabric, and its unique steam permeability performance can quickly discharge the water vapor inside the structure, avoid the growth of mold in the structure, and keep the human body always dry. It perfectly solves the problems of ventilation and windproof The problem of keeping warm is a new type of healthy and environmentally friendly fabric.
Features of three-layer TPU composite fabric and three-layer PTFE composite fabric:
1) High-performance surface fabric is durable and windproof. It is waterproof and has excellent antistatic performance;
2) A variety of films such as TPU, TPFE, PU, ​​PEVA, and PE transfer coatings ensure breathability and good moisture permeability;
3) The inner lining fabric has the dual functions of moisture absorption, perspiration and antibacterial deodorization; PTFE three-layer composite fabric
4) In the layer structure, the high-performance surface fabric is tightly combined with the film, and the inner lining fabric is loose and flexible;
5) In the three-layer structure, the film is sandwiched between the surface fabric and the inner lining fabric;
The function of three-layer TPU composite fabric and three-layer PTFE composite fabric:
This fabric has high windproof, high waterproof, breathable, breathable, warm, aging resistant, anti-freezing, and abrasion resistant. And many other functions. Keep your body dry and comfortable for a long time. TPU composite fabric and PTFE composite fabric products have the advantages of soft hand feeling, high peel strength, washing resistance, hydrolysis resistance, low temperature resistance, stable waterproof and moisture permeability and other properties.