Polyester fabric application


Polyester is widely used in the manufacture of clothing […]

Polyester is widely used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products. Flame-retardant polyester has a wide range of applications due to its permanent flame retardancy. It plays an irreplaceable role in industrial textiles, interior decoration, and interior decoration. It also plays a role in the field of protective clothing. According to the national standards for flame-retardant protective clothing, fire-retardant protective clothing should be used in metallurgy, forestry, chemical, petroleum, fire-fighting and other departments. The number of people who should use flame-retardant protective clothing in China is more than one million, and the market potential of flame-retardant protective clothing is huge.

In addition to pure flame retardant polyester, it can produce multi-functional products such as flame retardant, waterproof, oil repellent and antistatic according to the special requirements of users. For example, the waterproof and oil-repellent finishing of the flame-retardant polyester fabric can improve the functionality of the flame-retardant garment; the flame-retardant polyester and the conductive fiber are interwoven to produce an antistatic flame-retardant fabric; and the flame-retardant fiber is blended with the high-performance fiber. It can produce high-performance flame-retardant fabrics; it is blended with flame-retardant fibers and fibers such as cotton and viscose to improve the comfort of protective clothing and reduce secondary burns.