How to identify the backpack fabric?


Identify the five elements of backpack fabrics There ar […]

Identify the five elements of backpack fabrics

There are many kinds of backpack fabrics: leather, nylon, canvas, polyester, PVC, EVA waiting, then, how do we distinguish the quality of backpack fabrics? These fabrics have different expressions on the key to identification, and of course there are certain similarities.

1. Fabric glossiness
A good backpack fabric will have a soft and bright light that is different from oily under the light of the lamp. The gloss of different fabrics is different. The density of nylon fabric is relatively thick, so the gloss is brighter than other fabrics The leather itself is reflective, so the gloss will be higher.
2. Fabric texture
Good fabric feels very delicate, feels very warm and comfortable without rubbing hands; when hanging, it will use natural drape. The nylon / polyester fabric has clear lines, and the greater the density, the more obvious the lines. The nylon of small fabric also has the effect of anti-tear.
3. Fabric weight and taste
Good fabric weight is generally lighter. The cloth fabric (nylon, polyester, canvas) is light and soft, which is convenient for sewing and cutting. However, the leather material seems to be heavier and more real. The general inspection is to see whether the leather material has taste, and the good leather material has no taste.
4. Fabric elasticity
Good fabric itself has very good elasticity and reduction, can be restored to flat without rubbing by rubbing it together by hand. This test is most suitable for use on leather, the one that is elastic is the leather.