Fabric characteristics of travel bags


Specifically, the fabric of the travel bag must have th […]

Specifically, the fabric of the travel bag must have the following three characteristics:
First: The fabric density of the travel bag should be small and lightweight. The travel process is not very easy, especially some difficult tourism sports, such as mountain climbing, rock climbing and other travel activities. This requires that the travelling bag is as light as possible, which can ensure that we pack lightly on the road, and we have to bring some necessary supplies, so there is a fundamental need to reduce the density of the travelling bag.
Third: The fabric of the travel bag must have the function of preventing rain. It is said that there are unexpected weather, especially everyone likes to travel in summer, which happens to be a rainy season, so the function of preventing rain is essential. A waterproof cover is provided, but the rainproof function of the travel bag fabric is also essential.
Nylon cloth is light in weight, does not absorb moisture, mold, and dries quickly, and its strength is also good; the disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and afraid of fire. So nylon is not very suitable as the outer fabric of travel bags, but now many travel bags are double-layer fabric, it is very suitable as the inner fabric of travel bags.
Polyester is sturdy and durable, good elasticity, not easy to deform, corrosion resistance, insulation, stiff, easy to wash and dry, and so on, it is loved by people. Many travel bags now use this fabric, the most commonly used is the camel brand backpacks that everyone knows
, All use this fabric.
CORDURA fabrics are functional fabrics that are light, fast-drying, soft, and durable. The special structure of CORDURA fabric gives it excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance, unparalleled strength, good hand feel, light weight, softness, stable color and easy care, but its waterproof performance is average.